Help Atheists Fight Hunger!

Help Pennsylvania's atheists and humanists fight hunger with a donation, a share, or your help volunteering! On Sunday, October 15th, PAStAHCon will cap its three day conference ( with a food packing event. We are hoping to raise $10,000 to feed 40,000 meals to Philadelphia's hungry. That's right - 25 cents a meal!

We are partnering with the Outreach Program, who has provided these statistics on their programs:

The first school YEAR, we fed 700,000 hungry people. From mid-June to the end of the month, we will feed that many! We are on pace to feed 6.3 million this year. Unfortunately, while there are now over 200 million less hungry people on the planet (1 in 9) than when the movement started, there are only three million less hungry American children (1 in 6).

Think local hunger is just too big to tackle? Consider this:

The average American family of 4 spends $3,700 celebrating Christmas—whether or not they’re Christian—on gifts, food, and frivolity. If every such family in PA who has food gave $55 (1.5% of $3,700) and packaged meals for 21 minutes ONCE A YEAR, everyone else gets to eat every day. Per person, that’s 4 cents and 4 seconds of effort daily.  

Thank you for helping us end hunger in our state!

 Please give at this link!

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