Why Humanists Should Care About Toxic Masculinity

In July, LVH welcomed Colleen Lutz Clemens and Amanda Morris D'Agostino, who helped us explore why humanists should care about toxic masculinity, which is rampant and causing real harm in our society. We must become aware of it, acknowledge it, and then work to dismantle it so we can all be safer. Even still, it is ignored in mainstream media and news outlets when they report and opine about mass school shootings - primarily committed by angry young white men who feel violence is the only way to assert their "manliness." We will also discuss why gender and gender identity formation matters to everyone. Click "read more" below to learn more about the presenters and click here to watch the video.

Colleen Lutz Clemens, Ph.D., associate professor of Non-Western Literatures and Director of Women’s and Gender Studies at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, earned her Ph.D. in Post-Colonial Literature at Lehigh University. Her dissertation focuses on issues of veiling in literature and studies the intersection of women’s issues in art and politics.

Amanda Morris D'Agostino , Ph.D. is a member of the KU English Department’s CRLS team and teaches composition and rhetoric courses. Her research interests include contemporary indigenous rhetorics, specifically Native American Rhetorics, creativity in the classroom, and the power of stories.

Colleen and Amanda co-host the pocast Inside 254, where they share the conversations they have when they close the door of their office, 254 Lytle Hall at Kutztown University, where they love to talk shop in a fun and approachable way.