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  • Speaker Series - first Sunday of each month
  • Lunching Secularly - first Wednesday of each month
  • Discussion Group and Lunch - second Sunday of each month
  • Drinking/Dining Skeptically - third Friday of each month
  • Book Club - fourth Tuesday of each month
  • Seasonal Picnics and Parties
  • Movie Outings - scheduled throughout the year 
  • "Bleed & Feed" Service Project - every 8 weeks on a Saturday morning
  • Adopt-a-Highway Road Cleanup - 4+ times per year
  • Other Service Projects - scheduled as opportunities arise

LVH also hosts special events just for families with children, and sometimes provides limited childcare at our monthly Speaker Series events. Please see our families page for more information.

Below, you'll find information on events that are already scheduled on our calendar. Please click the links for more information. You may not see many RSVPs on these event pages, as many people RSVP to events on other platforms such as Meetup and Facebook. If you want to get notifications of events as they are posted, please join our LVH Meetup page. We hope to see you at an event soon! 

  • Tuesday, July 23, 2019 at 05:00 PM
    Private Home in Allentown, PA

    Book Club - Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou

    Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou

    ** Please note the earlier time & different location of this month's Book Club!**

    This month's Book Club will be held at 5:00 in order to take advantage of Peter's gracious invitation to watch a related documentary at his house before the discussion.

    Peter lives locally and we will direct message his address to those who RSVP positively.  You must RSVP here in order to receive his address.

    In 2014, Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes was widely seen as the female Steve Jobs: a brilliant Stanford dropout whose startup “unicorn” promised to revolutionize the medical industry with a machine that would make blood testing significantly faster and easier. Backed by investors such as Larry Ellison and Tim Draper, Theranos sold shares in a fundraising round that valued the company at more than $9 billion, putting Holmes’s worth at an estimated $4.7 billion. There was just one problem: The technology didn’t work.

    A riveting story of the biggest corporate fraud since Enron, a tale of ambition and hubris set amid the bold promises of Silicon Valley.

    Carol will be moderating this month. Hope you can join us for some thoughtful discussion.

    This month is book selection month. Please bring one book to recommend.

    Upcoming books are:
    August - Machines Like Me: A Novel by Ian McEwan (Carol)

  • Sunday, August 04, 2019 at 11:00 AM

    Tom Concannon, PhD: To Infinity and Beyond!

    The infinite captures our attention like almost no other mathematical concept. Throughout history, though it was a subject wrought with perplexity, it still somehow managed to make appearances in art, religion, psychology and philosophy. Mathematicians ached to make the definition of infinity precise, to only achieve this goal slowly over many millennia. In the last few hundred years, mathematicians have not only tamed infinity but learned to work with it to much success. We will explore the concept of infinity through the ages in different spheres of human thought, learn how mathematicians attempted to make it rigorously precise, delve into some paradoxes of the infinite, but ultimately conclude there are still mysteries out there … beyond infinity!

    We will also feature a special presentation by Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lehigh Valley.

    Dr. Tom Concannon received his PhD in semi-classical gravity on the thermodynamics of rotating black holes. Following professorships at both Wake Forest University and Elon College (now Elon University), he decided to try software engineering as a challenge. After many years in this industry, he again went to graduate school at Lehigh University to earn his master's degree in mathematics, which enabled him to return to full-time teaching at King's College in Wilkes-Barre. He currently teaches courses on differential equations, mathematical methods in the physical sciences, and computer programming. He strongly believes that learning can only truly be accomplished and appreciated if it is taught to others.

    Approxmiate Timeline for this Event:
    10:30 Coffee & Conversation
    11:00 Welcome and Announcements
    11:10 Presentation by Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lehigh Valley
    11:20 Lecture by Dr. Concannon
    12:30 Q&A Ends

    Those who wish to seek a local eatery after the event will find a number of options in the neighborhood for lunch or brunch, including Starbucks, Pizza Mart, The Hamilton Kitchen, Dime, Queen City BBQ, Billy's Diner, and the Allentown Brew Works.

    There is no charge for this event, as we strive to make as much of our programming as possible accessible to all. However, donations will be accepted to offset the cost of our regular ongoing expenses.

    Street parking on area streets is free on Sundays. Garage parking is also available in the Community Deck accessible from 6th and Walnut Streets (both one way) and only costs a few dollars.

  • Wednesday, August 07, 2019 at 12:00 PM
    Grille 3501 in Allentown, PA

    Lunching Secularly

    Wednesday, August 7th, 12:00 – 2:00 PM


    Grille 3501

    3501 Broadway

    Allentown PA 18104




    We’ll be back in Allentown this month for some tasty food at Grille 3501, an appealing restaurant in the west end of Allentown. 

    Grille 3501 offers an interesting menu featuring appetizers, soups, sandwiches, salads, and entrees.  Its atmosphere is a bit more upscale than our usual lunching establishments, but is still quite friendly and comfortable.

    There is no need to bring your own booze this month, as Grille 3501 has a full bar and is known for their good selection of beverages.

    Grille 3501 is wheelchair-accessible and has plenty of spaces for us to park in their lot. Hopefully, the weather will be pleasant and we can dine in their lovely outdoor area.

    Our lunch bunch is friendly and fun!  We hope you join us this month for some delicious food and our usual intriguing conversations. Newcomers and children always are welcome, just be sure to RSVP here to help us give you a warm LVH welcome!

    Also a personal note to my lunch friends: I (finally) will be back in PA and in attendance this month. (Yay!)  I’m sorry for the confusion the past few months and for not responding to several messages and phone calls. (I’m horrible at staying in touch even when I’m not out-of-town.)  I can’t wait to see you all again!

  • Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at 07:00 PM
    Pies On Pizzeria in Catasauqua, PA

    Book Club - Machines Like Me by Ian McEwan

    Machines Like Me: A Novel by Ian McEwan

    Machines Like Me takes place in an alternative 1980s London. Charlie, drifting through life and dodging full-time employment, is in love with Miranda, a bright student who lives with a terrible secret. When Charlie comes into money, he buys Adam, one of the first synthetic humans and—with Miranda's help—he designs Adam's personality. The near-perfect human that emerges is beautiful, strong, and clever. It isn't long before a love triangle soon forms, and these three beings confront a profound moral dilemma.
    In his subversive new novel, Ian McEwan asks whether a machine can understand the human heart—or whether we are the ones who lack understanding.

    Carol will be moderating this month. Hope you can join us for some thoughtful discussion.