LVH has a very active calendar of events, including...

  • Speaker Series - first Sunday of each month
  • Lunching Secularly - first Wednesday of each month
  • Discussion Group and Lunch - second Sunday of each month
  • Drinking/Dining Skeptically - third Friday of each month
  • Book Club - fourth Tuesday of each month
  • Seasonal Picnics and Parties
  • Movie Outings - scheduled throughout the year 
  • "Bleed & Feed" Service Project - every 8 weeks on a Saturday morning
  • Adopt-a-Highway Road Cleanup - 4+ times per year
  • Other Service Projects - scheduled as opportunities arise

LVH also hosts special events just for families with children, and sometimes provides limited childcare at our monthly Speaker Series events. Please see our families page for more information.

Below, you'll find information on events that are already scheduled on our calendar. Please click the links for more information. You may not see many RSVPs on these event pages, as many people RSVP to events on other platforms such as Meetup and Facebook. If you want to get notifications of events as they are posted, please join our LVH Meetup page. We hope to see you at an event soon! 

  • Tuesday, November 26, 2019 at 07:00 PM
    Pies On Pizzeria in Catasauqua, PA

    Book Club - The Cult of the Constitution, Mary Anne Franks

    The Cult of the Constitution by Mary Anne Franks

    In this controversial and provocative book, Mary Anne Franks examines the thin line between constitutional fidelity and constitutional fundamentalism. The Cult of the Constitution reveals how deep fundamentalist strains in both conservative and liberal American thought keep the Constitution in the service of white male supremacy.

    Constitutional fundamentalists read the Constitution selectively and self-servingly. Fundamentalist interpretations of the Constitution elevate certain constitutional rights above all others, benefit the most powerful members of society, and undermine the integrity of the document as a whole. The conservative fetish for the Second Amendment (enforced by groups such as the NRA) provides an obvious example of constitutional fundamentalism; the liberal fetish for the First Amendment (enforced by groups such as the ACLU) is less obvious but no less influential. Economic and civil libertarianism have increasingly merged to produce a deregulatory, "free-market" approach to constitutional rights that achieves fullest expression in the idealization of the Internet. The worship of guns, speech, and the Internet in the name of the Constitution has blurred the boundaries between conduct and speech and between veneration and violence.

    But the Constitution itself contains the antidote to fundamentalism. The Cult of the Constitution lays bare the dark, antidemocratic consequences of constitutional fundamentalism and urges readers to take the Constitution seriously, not selectively.

    Steve A. will be moderating this month. Hope you can join us for some thoughtful discussion.

    Upcoming books are: TBD at October meeting.

  • Sunday, December 01, 2019 at 10:30 AM
    Bradbury Sullivan Center in Allentown, PA

    David Kyle Johnson, Ph.D. presents SNL’s Blasphemy and Rippin’ up the Pope


    Professor David Kyle Johnson is an LVH December favorite! In the past he's discussed such topics as whether St. Nicholas even existed as a historical figure and why it's ok for secular humanists to celebrate Christmas. This year we'll welcome him to speak on Saturday Night Live's tendency to push the envelope on religion.

    On the October 3 1992 SNL, when Sinéad O’Connor called the Pope “the real enemy” and tore up his picture, the backlash was fierce; the episode effectively ended her career. But, when you think about it, her stunt wasn’t that different from other things that have been done on the show. From George Carlin’s opening monologue on the very first episode (where he essentially calls religion a crutch that can leave you permanently disabled), to sketches like “Djesus Uncrossed,” “God is a Boob Man,” and “The Religetables,” SNL has never been afraid to be blasphemous and sacrilegious. And I haven’t even mentioned The Church Lady, that time Jesus made fun of Tebow in the Bronco’s lockeroom, and that time Louis C.K. implied God was a serial killer. There was backlash about all these episodes too. So why didn’t they end anyone’s career? In this talk, Professor Johnson will explore these sketches and acts (and the public response to them) to try to get to the bottom of all of this. Ultimately, he'll argue, they didn’t end anyone’s career because they probably make a pretty good point. And with that in mind, he’ll conclude by arguing that…well… we probably all owe Sinéad O’Connor a huge apology.

    Timeline for this Event:
    10:30 Coffee & Conversation
    11:00 Announcements & Presentation
    12:30 Lunch (optional)

    Those who wish to stay for lunch after the event can join us at a local restaurant to be determined.

    There is no charge for this event, as we strive to make as much of our programming as possible accessible to all. However, donations will be accepted to offset the cost of our regular ongoing expenses.

    Street parking is free on Sundays, but please note there is construction in the area. We suggest arriving early if you've never been to the location. Garage parking is available in the Community Deck accessible from 6th and Walnut Streets (both one way).

    Dr. David Kyle Johnson is Associate Professor of Philosophy at King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He earned a master’s degree and doctorate in philosophy from the University of Oklahoma.

    At Oklahoma, he won the coveted Kenneth Merrill Graduate Teaching Award. In 2011, the American Philosophical Association’s committee on public philosophy gave him an award for his ability to make philosophy accessible to the general public.

    Professor Johnson regularly teaches classes on metaphysics, philosophy of religion, philosophy of mind, and logic, as well as courses on critical thinking and scientific reasoning. He has published papers on human freedom, the problem of natural evil, the multiverse, the existence of souls, and many related topics in such journals as Religious Studies, Sophia, Philo, Philosophy and Literature, and Think. He also maintains two blogs for Psychology Today.

    Professor Johnson also publishes prolifically on the intersection of pop culture and philosophy. One of his books, Inception and Philosophy: Because It’s Never Just a Dream, inspired an authors@Google talk with more than half-a-million YouTube views. He also has written numerous articles that explore the relationship between philosophical questions and such pop cultural phenomena as The Hobbit, Doctor Who, Batman, South Park, Johnny Cash, Quentin Tarantino, and Christmas.

  • Wednesday, December 04, 2019 at 12:00 PM

    Lunching Secularly

    Lunching Secularly

    Wednesday December 4th, 2019

    The Foundry Pub & Beerhall in Whole Foods Market

    750 N Krocks Rd, Ste 301

    Allentown, PA 18106

    (484) 506-2159

    Our last lunch of the year will be at Whole Foods, a grocery store that’s also a great spot to gather over drinks and food for lunch. Grab some sushi, a hearty sandwich, a hot slice of pizza, or a healthful salad. Or browse the hot bars for incredible, freshly-made dishes. Whole Foods has something for everyone to enjoy.  There’s even beer on tap and wines by the glass. 

    Whole Foods is wheelchair-accessible and has plenty of spaces for us to park in their lot. The lot also features electric vehicle chargers.

    Enter at the far right end of the store, and find us hanging at the long table near the bar.

    Our lunch bunch is friendly and fun! We hope you join us, whether for a brief lunch away from work or a longer, leisurely afternoon filled with food, drink, & good conversation. Either way, our lunches are informal and fun times to meet your fellow Humanists. Newcomers and children always are welcome, just be sure to RSVP here.

  • Tuesday, December 24, 2019 at 06:00 PM
    Sterling Heights in Bethlehem, PA

    Sixth Annual Chris-Myth Eve Potluck Dinner Party

    LVH will hold our 6th annual Chris-Myth Eve Pot-Luck Dinner on December 24th. This year there will be a new venue. We will meet at "Sterling Heights" which is located at 3500 Fairview St. in Bethlehem, Pa. This is an independent senior community and we will meet in the resident Activity Room on the first floor. There is a full kitchen available in this room Please bring food to share and BYOB.

    Since we are each other's chosen "family" for this evening, we will be playing "Family Feud" after dinner.
    Please RSVP to this event which will take place from 6 pm to 10 pm.
    Also, this facility is located off Rt. 512, to the side of Wegmans off Wegmans Drive.
    There should be enough parking in the facility lot. For further questions, please contact Laura at 484-735-1183.