LVH Members Honored

Humanist of the Year Announced and Inaugural Class Inducted into LVH's Humanist Hall of Fame

Humanist of the Year

Each year at the winter solstice party, LVH's Board of Directors awards the title of Humanist of the Year in memory of our co-founder and first president, the late Joseph P. Fox. Joe exemplified the humanist values of reason, compassion, and humanity. The Lehigh Valley Humanist of the Year is someone who shares Joe's passion for building a humanist community in the Lehigh Valley and:

(Contributions to LVH's mission made prior to the current year may also be considered.)

On Saturday December 15th, 2018, Jason Brocious, president of LVH, was awarded the title of Humanist of the Year.  Jason fully represents the values of LVH and, under his guidance, LVH continues to flourish.  Congratulations Jason!

Previous Lehigh Valley Humanists of the Year Include:

2017 - Kathy Blumenauer
2016 - Paula Shea
2015 - Butch Frei
2014 - Michelle Varenick
2013 - Giovanni Landi
2012 - Kate Wilgruber

Humanist Hall of Fame

Also on Saturday December 15th, the inaugural class of the Lehigh Valley Humanist Hall of Fame was entered into LVH’s Humanist Hall of Fame registry.  Our late founder, Joe Fox, and current members Darren Smith and Diane Cormican all were honored for their many years of dedication to LVH.  Much of LVH’s success stems from the efforts of these founding Lehigh Valley humanists.