Noah Lugeons: "How to Suruvive a Theocracy in 8 Easy Steps"


Due to the very large crowd coming Sunday to see Noah, and the large number who wished to stay for brunch, it made it impossible for the Hamilton Kitchen to accommodate without an exact headcount, and we would've been seated in groups of 10 in different dining rooms. Instead, we will be getting a delivery of pizzas and sandwiches from Pies On and we'll be "dining in" with him. This will include some vegan pizzas, which are a favorite among our discussion group crowd. If you choose to participate, we are asking for $5 per person to offset the cost (we are also accepting general donations). Those with other dietary needs can bring their own food. We hope you'll stay either way! Those interested in going out for libations afterwards will have some good local choices, including Grain and the Hamilton Kitchen. 

For decades, secular watchdogs have been warning about the theocratic ticks burrowing ever deeper into our national political discourse. And now, cloaked beneath today's scandal-a-minute news cycle, they're steadily exsanguinating our system.

As the transition to theocracy teeters towards inevitable, it's increasingly important that we secularists prepare for our evolving role in society. In this talk, Noah discusses some of the more egregious abuses going unnoticed by the national media, as well as some of the things we can do about it; all the while keeping the discussion as light-hearted as a talk about an unavoidable hell-scape can realistically be.

Noah Lugeons is the host of The Scathing Atheist podcast, the 2015 Podcast Award winner for best religious/inspirational podcast. He is the author of "Diatribes Volume One: 50 Essays from a Godless Misanthrope", and "Diatribes Volume Two: 50 More Essays from a Scathing Atheist." He also talks politics on The Skepticrat, trivia on Citation Needed, and terrible religious cinema on God Awful Movies.

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Childcare will again be available at this event on a very limited basis. Click here to reserve a spot. (You must be a member of or join the LVH Families Meetup group, which we established to protect our children's privacy.)

Timeline for this event:
10:30 am - coffee and conversation
11:00 am - welcome, announcements, and lecture
12:30 pm - brunch with Noah & Lucinda at the Center

Parking: The Community Parking Deck (6th & Walnut) is a few feet from this event and accessible from Walnut Street (just East of 6th). Please note Walnut Street is one way (East). Street parking is available but limited; meters are not enforced on Sundays.

March 04, 2018 at 10:30am - 12:30pm
Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center
522 W Maple St
Allentown, PA 18101
United States
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Jason Brocious · · (484) 896-9045
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    Please RSVP: Noah Lugeons: "How to Suruvive a Theocracy in 8 Easy Steps"
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    Please RSVP: Noah Lugeons: "How to Suruvive a Theocracy in 8 Easy Steps"
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