November 2020 Speaker: Noah Lugeons, "Outbreak: A Crisis of Faith: How Religion Ruined Our Global Pandemic"

Video of November's speaker is up! 

Noah Lugeons is a professional podcaster, comedian, actor and author. He is best known for The Scathing Atheist podcast and his irreverent diatribes. Noah is a returning speaker at LVH. This time he will be discussing his new book, "Outbreak: A Crisis of Faith: How Religion Ruined Our Global Pandemic".

Summary of his book from Amazon, "Why did America do so badly?When the COVID-19 crisis reached America, the US had more resources and expertise at its disposal to confront the threat than any nation on the planet, and yet the American response was homicidally inefficient. Why?In this book, I argue that the root of the problem is America’s religiosity. A crisis that only science could meet threatened to expose the impotence of religious claims, and religious leaders and institutions went on the attack. Any hope of a rational, scientifically informed response was crippled by a presidential administration elected by religious zealots, staffed by religious zealots, and beholden to religious zealots. But their malfeasance was not limited to the political arena.From churches ignoring state lockdowns, to televangelists declaring the disease miraculously eradicated, to pastors suing their governors for enforcing public safety measures, religion was at the forefront of virtually every misguided step towards catastrophe that the nation took.When science eventually solves this problem, religions will be quick to thank their gods for the scientist’s labor and forgive themselves their trespasses. We cannot afford to give them such easy absolution. Their disastrous contributions to our national pandemic response are a potent reminder that a nation in the twenty-first century can ill afford to let anyone compete with science in the realm of truth."

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